I am a Senior 3D Tracking, Layout and Matchmove Artist, freelancing for post-production studios. Recently, I was tracking at Cumulus VFX and Fin Design + Effects in Sydney, and prior to that, a member of the Layout Department at Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) in Vancouver.

My experience includes working on a variety of projects from TVCs, streaming service shows, to high-profile feature films.

Experienced in 3D Equalizer™, Maya™, ILM’s Zeno™ and a dash of Nuke™, I enjoy tracking, layout and matchmoving as my primary skills, but am always interested in other areas of visual effects and movie making, such as editing, pipeline development and tool scripting.


Software Experience:

Autodesk Maya™ | (snr)

3D Equalizer™ | (snr)

SynthEyes™ | (mid)

ILM’s Zeno™ | (mid)

Nuke™ | (jnr)

Python | (jnr)


Industry Employment:

Current | Flying Bark Productions
2019 | Fin Design + Effects
2018 | Industrial Light and Magic
2016 – 2018
| Method Studios
2016 | Industrial Light and Magic
| Iloura
2015 – 2016
| Industrial Light and Magic
2014 – 2015
| Iloura
|  Weta Digital
2012 – 2013 |  Rising Sun Pictures
|  Weta Digital
|  Animal Logic
2011 – 2012
|  Rising Sun Pictures
2010 – 2011
|  Dr D Studios
|  Frame, Set, Match
2008 – 2010
|  Fuel VFX
|  Flying Bark Productions


Filmography and Roles:

2019 | “Maya The Bee & The Golden Orb” ~ Technical Animator ~ Flying Bark

2019 | {Projects Currently in Production} ~ Snr Tracking & Layout ~ Cumulus VFX

2019 | “The Eight Hundred” ~ Snr Tracking & Matchmove ~ Fin Design + Effects

2018 | “Captain Marvel” ~ Snr Layout & Matchmove ~ ILM Vancouver

2017 | “Outlaw King” ~ Lead Tracking & Matchmove ~ Method Studios

2017 | “Crazy Rich Asians” ~ Lead Tracking & Matchmove ~ Method Studios

2017 | “Thor: Ragnarok” ~ Snr Tracking & Matchmove ~ Iloura

2017 | “Bright” ~ Snr Tracking & Matchmove ~ Iloura

2017 | “Spiderman: Homecoming” ~ Snr Tracking & Matchmove ~ Iloura

2017 | “Ghost in the Shell” ~ Snr Tracking & Matchmove ~ Iloura

2016 | “John Wick: Chapter 2” ~ Snr Tracking & Matchmove ~ Iloura

2016 | “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” ~ Snr Layout & Matchmove ~ ILM

2016 | “First They Killed My Father” ~ Snr Tracking & Matchmove ~ Iloura

2016 | “Deepwater Horizon” ~ Snr Tracking & Matchmove ~ ILM and Iloura

2016 | “Ghostbusters” ~ Snr Tracking & Matchmove ~ Iloura

2015 | “Captain America: Civil War” ~ Snr Layout & Matchmove ~ ILM

2015 | “Gods Of Egypt” ~ Tracking & Matchmove ~ Iloura

2015 | “Saints and Strangers” ~ Tracking ~ Iloura

2014 | “Mad Max: Fury Road” ~ Tracking & Matchmove ~ Iloura

2013 | “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” ~ Stereo Camera TD ~ Weta Digital

2013 | “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” ~ Stereo Camera TD ~ Weta Digital

2013 | “The Wolverine” ~ Tracking & Matchmove ~ Rising Sun Pictures

2013 | “The Great Gatsby” ~ Stereo Tracking & Matchmove ~ Animal Logic and RSP

2013 | “Man of Steel” ~ Camera TD ~ Weta Digital

2013 | “Walking With Dinosaurs” ~ Stereo Tracking ~ Animal Logic

2012 | “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” ~ Stereo Camera TD ~ Weta Digital

2011 | “Prometheus” ~ Stereo Tracking ~ Rising Sun Pictures

2011 | “The Hunger Games” ~ Tracking & Matchmove ~ Rising Sun Pictures

2011 | “Happy Feet 2” ~ Mocap & Crowd Motion Editor ~ Dr D Studios

2010 | “Tomorrow When The War Began” ~ Tracking, jnr Modeling ~ Fuel VFX

2010 | “Iron Man II” ~ Tracking, jnr Modeling ~ Fuel VFX

2008 | “Australia” – Visual Effects Production Assistant ~ Fuel VFX

2008 | “Zigby” – Junior Layout Artist ~ Flying Bark Productions

(Please see my IMDB page for full filmography.)


Interests and Goals:

– Film, digital and practical visual effects, editing, writing, scripting, publishing and martial arts.

– Stage work, set and prop building, model making, painting and sculpting.

– I have been a passionate reader for many years, and I am currently working on writing my first novel.

– One major life goal is to actually work on the visual effects of a major feature film which is based upon a novel that I wrote.

– I practice scripting in MEL and Python, usually when I have a Maya problem to solve.


Additional Achievements:

2009 | I won the final writing stage of the “Ink-Write-Win” competition held by Blunty and Wacom.

I wrote the winning entry of speech bubbles to a supplied 5 cell comic, winning first prize, which was a Bamboo Wacom tablet. This comic was later made into an amusing motion comic.

2007 | I earned my 1st Dan Black Belt rank in Taekwondo.

2006 | “Bubble Trouble”  ~ My Cert IV animation short film, won 2nd place at the 2006 TAFE inter-college Digital Animation Festival.



2012 | Short course: Foundations of Nuke delivered at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS)

2007 | Diploma 3D Animation and Digital Effects                         | Distinction

2006 | Certificate IV in 3D Animation and Digital Effects            | Credit

For my full CV and references, please feel free to contact me:

email: nicolegashford@gmail.com

mob: +61 425 220 368



My attention to detail and precise nature are a perfect fit for technical digital roles. Luckily I discovered early on that my calling was film and visual effects. Some of the moments and feelings I remember best in my life are centered around storytelling in books and films. Tamora Pierce’s Alanna series introduced me to the Fantasy genre of books.

I fell in love with Prof. Indiana Jones, and was fascinated by The Mummy; I was blown away by The Fifth Element, and I willed the Fellowship on in the Lord of the Rings books and films.

 I grew up with the Star Wars trilogy, wishing I could use the Force and fly my very own X-Wing. I watched and re-watched my mum’s Special Edition collection on VHS so many times, I’m sure the tapes are worn thin. This VHS box set truly was special because it included a mini documentary of how the films were made – specifically how they filmed the attack on the Death Star battle sequence. When I saw that there was a real job where grown-ups got to play all day at building models onto ping pong tables set out in a car park, then shoot it with a camera and blow it up, I knew that was the job for me!

Practical effects and set building held my interest throughout high school, where I was an enthusiastic member of the Rock Eisteddfod stage crew; building and painting sets and striking and moving them about on stage during the performance. I loved it!

Then I discovered you can make computers do the work for you!

Digital visual effects were knocking at my door. So I knocked on the Enmore Design Centre’s door, and studied there for 2 years, gaining valuable technical skills and insight from their incredible teachers.

So far I have been lucky enough to work at some of the best VFX studios in the world, including Animal Logic, Rising Sun Pictures, Weta Digital, and Industrial Light and Magic, but I am far from finished in this amazing industry. It only makes me set the bar higher, and even more determined to work hard, work smart and be the best.

I can happily say that I am currently working in my dream career, helping stories be told, and I intend to do so for many years (and projects) to come.